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The Chocolate Lily Book Award — British Columbia’s Reader’s Choice Children’s Book Award — Novel Category

A Year in the Life of a Total and Complete Genius  By: Stacey MatsonArthur Bean, soon-to-be a rich and famous author, has set two goals for himself: to win the school writing contest and to win the heart of his secret crush, Kennedy. But his life has had some major twists and turns lately, and […]

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Great Reads from Across the Pond — The Bookseller’s YA Book Prize

The Bookseller, is one of the UK’s longest-standing magazines, serving as the business magazine of the book industry since 1858.  In 2014 they launched the YA Book prize to award a YA title written by an author living in the UK or Ireland.  The award honors great books for young adults with the aim of getting more […]

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A Little Bit of Irish — YA Lit with an Irish Connection

Whether set in Ireland or written by an Irish author, these books are sure to make your St. Patrick’s Day a little greener. The Supernaturalist  By: Eoin ColferIn futuristic Satellite City, fourteen-year-old Cosmo Hill escapes from his abusive orphanage and teams up with three other people who share his unusual ability to see supernatural creatures, […]

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The Amelia Bloomer List of Recommended Feminist Literature

AMELIA BLOOMER PROJECT TOP TEN Born in 1818 in Homer, NY, just one town over from where I was born and have been raised, Amelia Bloomer was an American women’s rights and temperance advocate.  The appropriately named Amelia Bloomer Project creates an annual booklist of feminist books for young readers, ages birth through 18.  Here […]

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Happy Birthday! Celebrating Authors/Illustrators Born in March

March is a big birthday month in my family.  My mom (3/25), my brother (3/28), my uncle (3/28), my aunt (3/4), my twin niece and nephew (3/14), and my grandfather (3/9).  It is also a popular month for author/illustrator birthdays.  In March we will celebrate Rob Dillon (3/2), Patricia Maclachlan (3/3), Dav Pilkey (3/4), Mem […]

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Presidential Picks

President’s Day is a day to was traditionally celebrated each year on February 22nd, George Washington’s birthday but has was changed to always be a Monday in order provide workers with a 3 day weekend.  From George Washington to Donald Trump, America’s 240 year history has seen 45 presidents, some more popular than others. Celebrate presidents, past […]

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   “O Canada . . .The True North Strong and Proud.” Canada Day, the country’s national holiday, is July 1 and commemorates the 1867 unification of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Upper and Lower Canada (Québec and Ontario), hence known as the Dominion of Canada. Today there are ten provinces with an area of 3,855,103 sq. […]

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   A hurricane is tropical storm in which wind speeds are greater than 74 mph. Catastrophic damage to shorelines is possible, as are flooding and storm surges. The term applies to storms in the southern Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and in the eastern Pacific Ocean. Web links to additional information and activities about […]

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We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo! Experience all sorts of zoo adventures as well as learn the ins and outs of zoos in these selections. Web links to additional information and activities about follow these reviews. Contributor: Peg Glisson Reviews 1 Zany Zoo Lori Degman Illustrated by Colin Jack This fun and adorable counting […]

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Mexican? American? What is it like to be a Mexican American today? These books, mostly novels, explore life and issues for Mexican American youth. Like many first, second, or third generation immigrants, it’s not uncommon to have a foot in both worlds, especially if relatives still live in Mexico. To better understand their history and […]

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World War II: Fact

   D-Day, June 6, 1944, was the beginning of Operation Overlord, which resulted in the Allied liberation of Western Europe. Hundreds of thousands American, British and Canadian forces landed on five beaches along a 50-mile stretch of the heavily fortified coast of France’s Normandy region. These nonfiction books, published since 2010, help us understand the facts […]

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World War II: Fiction

   Whether flying secret missions, trying to avoid capture by the Nazis, or tracking spies, fiction brings the people and events of World War II’s European front to life. These titles, published since 2010, have great appeal. (Other recent titles about World War II in Fact and Fiction can be found in our 2012 Memorial Day […]

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Poetry & Science

   Science and Poetry? Of course! Many excellent poetry collections or novels in verse can have scientific implications-whether in nature, sports, or space. Poetry begs to be read aloud, so get set to entice those science lovers who think poems aren’t their thing, and poetry fans who turn their noses up at science. Web links to […]

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   America is often called “A Nation of Immigrants.” Opportunity and freedom call people to our shores, making the United States a diverse mix of people. Literature can help us understand their hopes and their plight.Web links to additional information and activities about Immigrants and Immigration follow these reviews. Contributor: Peg Glisson Reviews Angel Island: Gateway […]

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   Funny, charming, poignant-these Christmas-themed books run the gamut! You’re sure to find one to suit your taste.Web links to additional information and activities about Christmas follow these reviews. Contributor: Peg Glisson Reviews Big Snow Jonathan Bean A “big snow” can’t arrive soon enough for a boy named David. Mom tries to keep him occupied with […]

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   Fun and Games! December brings gifts and time off from school. While it’s said, “Play is child’s work,” even grown-ups enjoy letting loose with games or play activities. The titles in this list explore several aspects of play, from pure fun to slightly sinister. Web links to additional information and activities about toys and play […]

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Military Families

Veteran’s Day and Military Family Appreciation Month both fall in November. Whether deployed in the United States or abroad, military families face unique challenges. Families are often separated when the military spouse or sibling serves overseas, while the rest of the family is stateside. Their contributions to our country’s well being and safety are immeasurable. […]

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   While America celebrates Thanksgiving Day in November, it is celebrated on different days around the world. Our book selections reflect a sense of gratitude as well as more “traditional” Thanksgiving fare. View Thanksgiving book recommendations from previous years at Web links to additional information and activities about Thanksgiving and gratitude follow these reviews. Contributor: […]

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Fall Holidays

   Crisp apples, colored leaves, seasonal celebrations–Autumn is filled with fun. Explore the many aspects of fall, enjoyable, educational, or eerie, with these titles. Web links to additional information and activities about fall celebrations follow these reviews. Contributor: Peg Glisson Reviews The Apple Orchard Riddle Margaret McNamara Pictures by G. Brian Karas When Mr. Tiffin takes […]

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   Bullying has become a national issue. More than 30% of teens in the U.S. are either a bully, a target of bullying, or both. Explore the social dynamics and impact of bullying in fact and fiction. Web links to additional information and activities about bullies and bullying follow these reviews. Contributor: Peg Glisson Reviews 90 […]

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