Board Books

ages 0-3 and designed to be played with as well as read.


Thematic Reading List: Go! Go! Go!

A thematic booklist for toddlers that like to move. Perfect for ages 0-4. Contributed by: Elizabeth Bridges               Little Blue Truck By: Alice Schertle Illustrated by: Jill McElmurry A small blue truck finds his way out of a jam, with a little help from his friends. The Pigeon Loves […]

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Thematic Reading List: Tap me a Rhythm, Sing me a Song

Great books for kids ages 0-3 who love rhythm and music. These selections include a blend of traditional favorites and new hits that inspire movement and participation. Readers of all ages will enjoy sharing these books with their youngest family members, especially reading them aloud. Don’t be surprised if these books are requested over and […]

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Thematic Reading List: Farm Animals

While April 10 is National Farm Animals Day, any day is a good day to celebrate farm animals. Our list was created with 4-7 year olds in mind and provides a variety of animals on American farms.               All Kinds of Farms By: Daniel Shepard Simple text and photographs […]

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Toddler’s Picks — Board Books Your 2 Year Old Will Sit Still For (Sometimes)

It is 8 o’clock in the evening and I marvel at how I find myself here when it seems just minutes ago I woke up at 7 o’clock in the morning.  Time flies when you are having fun and time flies even faster when you have a 2 year old.  There is never a dull […]

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Mother Goose

   The sounds and rhythm of Mother Goose rhymes have helped them endure for years and years. Phrases from these rhymes are often heard in conversation or repeated in literature, making it important for each generation to be familiar with them. Whether using them in a story hour, at home with your child, or as a […]

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Fall Holidays

   Crisp apples, colored leaves, seasonal celebrations–Autumn is filled with fun. Explore the many aspects of fall, enjoyable, educational, or eerie, with these titles. Web links to additional information and activities about fall celebrations follow these reviews. Contributor: Peg Glisson Reviews The Apple Orchard Riddle Margaret McNamara Pictures by G. Brian Karas When Mr. Tiffin takes […]

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Passover Passover celebrates the freedom of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt over 3200 years ago. It begins in March or April, on the 15th day of the Hebrew month, Nisan. Marked by synagogue services and the Seder feast celebrated at home, the story of the Passover, read from the Haggadah, is interspersed with […]

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The Beach

   A beach is found along the shoreline of a body of water. Most often, we think of beaches along an ocean or lake. The land material is often composed of tiny loose rocks known as sand, or larger pebbles and rocks. The waves and currents deposit and transform the sand and sediment, shaping the beach. […]

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