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Professionally curated reading lists developed by topic and/or age level. Some Reading Lists include titles from multiple age groups and will appear under more than one category


Thematic Reading List: All About Nighttime

Nighttime is a mysterious and wonderful time of day. Though it can be scary, these books are selected to showcase the beauty and calm that come with nighttime. From bedtime to the animals that are awake during the night, young readers will enjoy these selections as they prepare for bed. These books are written for […]

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Thematic Reading List: Body Parts!

Learning the names of body parts is an important part of childhood. Readers between the ages of 0 and 5 will love these books about human body parts, as it is easy to connect the images on the page to their own bodies. While reading these books is fun, doing so in conjunction with doing […]

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Thematic Reading List: Healthy Eating for Teens

Teenagers are becoming ever more capable in the kitchen and ever more independent in their lives. The teen years are the perfect time to cultivate not only an understanding of healthy eating habits but also the skills and knowledge required to accomplish those goals both in their family home and out on their own. This […]

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Thematic Reading List: Supporting Executive Function

Executive Function is a buzzword today, referring to the skills that humans need to control their impulses and contribute positively to society. Pre-schoolers are working heavily on this task, and sometimes books can reinforce the message better than parents or caregivers can. The books included in this list are selected to support the continuing growth […]

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Thematic Reading List: Living and Thriving with ADHD

Children with ADHD are vibrant individuals who often have trouble harnessing their uniqueness in a classroom setting. Our list of 8 middle grade books featuring characters with ADHD shines a light on how these children can excel despite challenges.             Eliza Bing is (Not) a Big, Fat Quitter By: Carmella Van […]

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Thematic Reading List : Shapes and Construction

Shapes make up the foundation of nearly every object and building, each one requiring skill and precision in its construction. Very young children can begin to appreciate these edifices in their more basic forms, specifically in shapes and visual design. As an introduction to the engineering component of STEM curriculum, the books in this list […]

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Thematic Reading List : Wind Power 

Looking for renewable energy sources can be as simple as stepping outside for a breath of fresh air. The wind has been used to harness energy for thousands of years, all the way back to the first sailboats. Learn about the history and current uses of wind to harness energy and power entire communities. This list […]

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Thematic Reading List : The Space Race

Learn about the people who made space travel happen. Recommended for grades 5 and up.                       Hidden figures By: Margot Lee Before John Glenn orbited the Earth or Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, a group of professionals worked as “Human Computers,” calculating the flight […]

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Thematic Reading List : Oceans Away!!! A Celebration of the World’s Oceans

This list includes fiction and nonfiction books that focus on the ecosystems of the ocean, for ages 4 through 11. Contributor: Elizabeth Bridges                   The Big Book of the Blue By: Yuval Zommer This book focuses on biodiversity for elementary age children. Sea creatures’ habitats, ways of […]

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Thematic Reading List: Summer Themed Books for Middle Grade Readers

No classroom settings here! Enjoy these middle grade books focused on sun and June, July, and August. Recommended towards ages 8-12.                     Finding Someplace By: Denise Lewis Patrick The weekend she turns thirteen, aspiring clothing designer Teresa “Reesie” Boone is separated from her family by Hurricane […]

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Thematic Reading List: Teen Mental Illness

There is something comforting when we see others facing the same challenges and illnesses we are facing. These 8 titles geared towards teens take a look at dealing with mental illness and the courage it takes to deal with its challenges.                    All Our Broken Pieces By: […]

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Thematic Reading List:Summer

Our teen summer reading list includes essential summer settings. Recommended towards ages 13 and up.                         Camp So-and-So By: Mary McCoy Twenty-five girls are invited to attend the mysterious Camp So-and-So over the summer where they work with their cabin mates to compete in […]

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Thematic Reading List: Zombie Fiction for Middle Grade Readers

Whether you are protecting your school, family, or community, getting rid of zombies takes a lot of bravery. Enjoy these 8 middle grade reads about courageous zombie hunters, and a few courageous zombies themselves.                     Project Z: A Zombie Ate My Homework By: Tommy Greenwald Arnold Z. […]

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Thematic Reading List: Sharing

Some children are naturals at sharing, but many are not. These 8 books can help teach small children the value of sharing with others.               Share with Brother By: Steven L. Layne Illustrated by: Ard Hoyt A young boy grows angry at being told, over and over, “Share with brother and […]

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Thematic Reading List: The World Around Me

The outside world is filled with beauty and wonderful things. The books in this list begin to introduce readers ages 0-3 to the world around them, including different seasons, landscapes, and interesting features. The format and structure of these books are ideally suited to serve as captivating guides to very young children. Contributed by: Mary […]

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Thematic Reading List: Contrast and Opposites

This book list includes a collection of titles for children ages 0-3. Some of the books feature high contrast images, which are especially interesting to infants who don’t quite have their full eyesight. Others contrast objects, particularly with regard to opposites, a concept that is important for the older end of this age group to […]

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Thematic Reading List: Touch and Feel!

Young children learn about their environment by using their senses: especially their sense of touch. The books in this list all incorporate segments that are meant to be explored by young hands. Textures abound on these pages, including soft things, rough things, smooth things, and more. Children ages 0-3 will love reading these books and […]

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Thematic Reading List: National Aviation Week

Planes, planes, planes! Aviation has changed the course of human communication and motion, led by brave pioneers who made air travel what it is today. From these important people to the aircraft they piloted, these books are selected to inspire and educate readers as they investigate each one. This list includes primarily non-fiction titles written […]

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Thematic Reading List: Bees, bees, bees!

World Honey Bee Day is a time to celebrate the work that honey bees do to pollinate foods and flowers so that plants and animals can continue to thrive. Though sometimes scary, it is important to learn as much about these creatures as possible to protect them and support their survival. This book list is […]

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Thematic Reading List: All in the Family

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and all of them should be celebrated! This assortment of books examines families of all kinds, including fiction and non-fiction titles. No matter what a family looks like on the outside, it is filled with love on the inside. These books are selected for children ages 5-8 and […]

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