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Featured Article: Australian Authors Contribution to Children’s Literature

The rugged Outback, the Great Barrier Reef, kangaroos and koala bears. Do you see the pattern? Yes, these are all images we think of when we think of Australia. But do images of great children’s literature come to mind when you think of Australia? I hope so. Australia has an abundance of authors and illustrators […]

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Featured Article: Thanking You on Our Anniversary

It’s that time of year again- OUR ANNIVERSARY! For the past two years it has been a joy sharing award lists, thematic reading lists, and author and illustrator interviews with you. Together we have solved mysteries, learned about new hobbies, traveled the world, met funny bears and remarkable human beings. We can’t wait to see […]

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Featured Article: Your Mark on the World

As 2018 became a page in the history books, newscasters reflected on the big stories of the year. Most stories were sad- senseless shootings in schools and malls, accusations of workplace misconduct, devastating and deadly weather- mixed in with a few feel-good viral videos. What was so eerie about the disturbing stories of the year […]

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Featured Article: Christmas Traditions

Eleven years ago, my family and I experienced a rather warm Christmas day in Virginia. The temperature was 65+ degrees with lots of warm sunshine. Weather like this was perfect for grilling and eating outdoors which is exactly what we did. Thus began our fajitas for Christmas lunch tradition and we have continued it ever […]

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Featured Article: Finding Books to Honor Native American Heritage

As we celebrate Native American Heritage Month, we find ourselves at a very difficult time in our nation’s history. We see land borders being strengthened, racial tension, and a lack of kindness towards anyone who opposes our own views. Our nation has been in this moment before, and in all honesty, we will probably experience […]

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Featured Article: Graphic Novels

On July 20, 2018, the 30th Annual Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards were presented in San Diego. These awards are given out during a special convention that continues to grow each year and has sparked smaller conventions throughout the country. The convention is Comic Con International, and the Eisner Award is considered the Oscars for […]

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Featured Article: Scary Tales to Keep You Up at Night

It’s October and for many people that means carved pumpkins, kids in costumes trick-or-treating, and spooky stories. Speaking of spooky stories, I’ve got a few to share.  This story is about a young man named Hans. After Hans’ beloved father dies he journeys to “make his way in the world.” Along the way he sees interesting characters, such […]

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Featured Article: Fall Trends in Children’s Publishing

Cooler weather. Blankets and sweaters. Shorter days. Pumpkin lattes. Fall is upon us and as we settle into school routines and wearing jackets, book lovers are anticipating reading and placing holds on a new crop of books to snuggle with during their evenings. What can we expect to see on bookshelves this fall? We can expect […]

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Featured Article: Save Shelf Space for Bilingual Books 

In the fall of 2015 there were 4.8 million English Language Learners (ELL) in U.S. schools, with 3.7 million of those students speaking Spanish as the first language. “Arabic, Chinese, and Vietnamese were the next most common home languages (spoken by approximately 114,400; 101,300; and 81,200 students, respectively).” (https://nces.ed.gov/programs/coe/indicator_cgf.asp) What influence does this have on the […]

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Featured Article: A Trip Around the World

Let’s take one more vacation before returning to school. This vacation will take us all around the world without even leaving our home. Well, except for a trip to the library. With summer break winding down and days spent at the pool numbered, it’s time to reflect on a wonderful summer. Did you relax by […]

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Featured Article: The Importance of Storytelling

Storytime = a librarian surrounded by small children as he/she reads a story. Oral storytelling = a storyteller surrounded by listeners as he/she tells a story.  Who doesn’t love storytime? The answer would be very few. A fun story read to a group of young children who are usually seated on the floor, escaping into a different […]

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Featured Article: A Lot to Celebrate

It doesn’t get more American than the Fourth of July; that is, until you see the other July observances. National Baked Bean Month, National Hot Dog Month, National Ice Cream Month, National Blueberry Month, National Grilling Month, and National Picnic Month. Okay, so Americans really love to eat in July. That’s just the month observances. Take a […]

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Featured Article: Health Benefits of Hobbies

Many psychologists agree that hobbies have health benefits. They provide ways to challenge our minds, strengthen our bodies, relieve stress and make us happier. Some researchers say they even help protect against dementia and help us feel younger. In her parentcircle.com article, Benefits of Hobbies for Your Child , Dr. Priscilla J. S. Selvaraj reveals 10 […]

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Featured Article: Celebrating Mr. Rogers’ Example

On June 8, 2018, theaters will be showing the documentary film Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, which focuses on children’s television icon Fred Rogers. What is so significant about the film is viewers get a chance to hear about the life of children’s programming creator Fred Rogers and his idea to bring love and kindness […]

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Featured Article-How Will You Love Our Planet on Earth Day?

Growing up, my family only recycled when they saw the payoff in cash. Back in the 1970s we would take our bottled soda glasses back to the store for a few cents each. In the 1980s, still soda drinkers, we recycled our soda cans by taking them to the aluminum recycling center. We were helping […]

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Featured Article: Adults Read YA Too

In Crossover Readers’ Advisory: Maximize Your Collection to Meet Reader Satisfaction, edited by Jessica E. Moyer, she and various librarians present a collection of adult books that teens may like and a collection of young adult books that adults may like. Moyer and the other contributors have done a wonderful job of filling a void in Reader’s Advisory. With […]

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Featured Article : St. Patrick’s Day Theme

Holidays provide extra fun for school classrooms and public libraries. Not only are they a great excuse for fun, out-of-the box activities, but they also provide a wealth of themes and opportunities for lesson plans. It seems that whenever there is a theme attached to learning, children become more involved. It was true in my role as […]

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Featured Article: The Dog That Changed My Mind

On February 16th many in the world celebrated Chinese New Year, thus beginning the Year of the Dog. The Chinese regard the dog as a lucky animal and one who brings good fortune. In general, dogs are known for their loyalty and ask nothing in return but love and affection.  I never understood the concept […]

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Featured Article: Happy Anniversary Read & Shine

I recently had a college student, who is studying to be a teacher, ask me what is the one book I think every child should read. I replied there isn’t one, however, every child should be represented in a book in her classroom. Now more than ever this is so true. As Read & Shine […]

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Who is the author of Nancy Drew?

Last week while working on a weeding project in the nonfiction section, I stumbled upon the book Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the women who created her by Melanie Rehak. This book’s premise is how the Nancy Drew series came to be and the two most influential authors of the series. I had known that […]

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