Thematic Reading List: Out of this World Characters


Stories are entertaining to read, especially when they feature characters who are out of this world! Whether they actually live on another planet or they are simply not typically part of the common landscape, these creatures inspire imagination and joy. While mythical, the characters in these stories have found a way into the hearts of readers around the world; their familiar plights and behaviors make these characters endearing and provide a novel backdrop against which recognizable stories can be told. Children aged 4-7 will enjoy reading these books to themselves or hearing them read aloud.
Contributed by: Mary Lanni




9781442452312 Again!
By: Emily Gravett

At bedtime, Cedric the dragon wants his mother to read his favorite book again, and again, and again.
9780753430057 Alien Alby
By: Kaye Umansky
Illustrated by: Sophie Rohrbach

When Alby the alien and his pet Squee play in the swampy backyard against Alby’s parents’ wishes, Squee is forced to sleep outside without Alby.
1684041856 Astro the Alien Visits Desert Animals
By: Emily Sohn

Astro the Alien and his friends Ben and Eva visit and learn about desert animals, including lizards, birds, and spiders. Includes reading activities and a word list.
0399544771 Baby Dragon, Baby Dragon!
By: Melissa Marr
Illustrated by: Lena Podesta

A dauntless lass and her feisty dragon friend have a fun-filled day exploring the kingdom together.
9780374300456 Dear Yeti
By: James Kwan

Told through a series of notes, two boys go on a hike hoping to find Yeti but run into trouble along the way.
9780802736529 Even Aliens Need Snacks
By: Matthew McElligott

Creating snacks that make most humans queasy, a young chef finds a new clientele–aliens.
9781250198624 Fergal and the Bad Temper
By: Robert Starling

Fergal the dragon has trouble controlling his temper, but after one really fiery day, his mom shows him a trick on how to cool down.
9780763666484 Have you Seen my Dragon?
By: Steve Light

In the heart of the city, among the taxis and towers, a small boy travels uptown and down, searching for his friend. Readers will certainly spot the glorious beast; plus an array of big-city icons they can count. Is the dragon taking the crosstown bus, or breathing his fiery breath below a busy street? Maybe he took a taxi to the zoo or is playing with the dogs in the park.
1847804810 I’m a Little Alien!: Poems for Little Stars
By: James Carter
Illustrated by: Mique Moriuchi

Presents a collection of humorous poems about space, aliens, mermaids, and robots.
9781524715120 I’m a Unicorn
By: Mallory Loehr
Illustrated by: Joey Chou

A magical Little Golden Book for little unicorn lovers! I am moonlight white. I have a magical horn. I look a lot like a horse, of course. . . So begins this charming Little Golden Book that introduces the magical unicorn to the littlest readers! In this sweet story, gorgeously illustrated by Disney artist Joey Chou, a unicorn tells the readers all about herself (“My horn can make water clean or heal a hurt”) and her magical life (“I frolic in the forest, I prance in the fields”). Sure to delight little ones who love the magic of fairy tales and beautiful creatures!
9781250076359 Mermaids Fast Asleep
By: Robin Riding
Illustrated by: Zoe Persico

Silver mermaids with golden hair go to sleep in the sea, counting fish instead of sheep.
1481469096 Not Quite Narwhal
By: Jessie Sima

Born deep in the ocean, Kelp is not like the other narwhals, and one day, when he spies a creature on land that looks like him, he learns why.


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