Thematic Reading List: Volcanoes


Learn all about volcanoes with books about how volcano eruptions occur to careers working with volcanoes.

9781563979965 Volcanoes
By: David Harrison
Illustrated by: Cheryl Nathan

An introduction to the characteristics and location of volcanoes.
9781429679909 When Volcanoes Erupt!
By: Nelson Yomtov
Illustrated by: Sean O’Neill

Presented in the graphic novel format, this title explores volcanic eruptions, including volcano formation, types of volcanoes, and the study of volcanoes.
9781454916017 How Hot is Lava and Other Questions About Volcanoes
By: Kelly Smith

This book answers questions about volcanoes: Can a volcano destroy an entire city? — What is a volcano? — What’s the difference between magma and lava? — How hot is lava? — Why do volcanoes spew lava? — What is a hot spot? — How many volcanoes are erupting right now? — Where is the ring of fire? — What’s inside a volcano? — How many different ways can a volcano blow its top? — What makes volcanoes destructive and deadly? — What were the biggest volcanic eruptions in history? — Did early volcanic eruptions help form our planet? — What is the largest volcano on Earth? — What is the largest volcano on Earth? — Are there volcanoes on other planets? — Do we know when a volcano will erupt? Includes a timeline of major eruptions.
9780766030497 Lava Scientist: careers on the edge of volcanoes
By: Sara L. Latta

Includes basic information about volcanoes and why they erupt, lessons from bronze age Pompeii, how volcanoes are a gas, fire in the ocean, a volcano SWAT team that saves lives, and information on how to be a volcanologist.
9781580894081 Volcano Rising
By: Elizabeth Rusch
Illustrated by: Susan Swan

Explains how volcanoes not only destroy but also create things like mountains and islands and repair scarred land.
9781635170061 Detecting Volcanic Eruptions
By: Trudi Strain Trueit

Introduces volcanic eruptions, describing their causes, where they occur most often, how scientists use spectrometers, tiltmeters, and GPS receivers to predict these eruptions, and includes a safety checklist.


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