Book Review: Little Libraries, Big Heroes


Little Libraries, Big Heroes
By: Miranda Paul
Illustrated by: John Parra
Reviewed by: Mary Lanni

The written word is the cornerstone of modern human society, and Little Free Libraries help spread that word far and wide. Little Free Libraries are small, elevated boxes that are designed to store books. These libraries can be found nearly anywhere, from a front lawn to a bike path to a storefront. And each Library is designed with the same message: take a book, leave a book. Todd Bol was an ordinary man. He was not particularly noteworthy in school, and he did not feel heroic at all. But his mother saw him differently. She assured him that one day, he would do big things. After his mother passed away, Todd began searching for ways to alleviate his sadness. His mother’s love of books inspired him to create the first Little Free Library that he placed on his front lawn in 2009. Though it took a while to gain traction, over 2,510 Little Free Libraries can now be found worldwide. Designed as a narrative non-fiction account of Todd Bol’s notable contribution to the world, this book is enjoyable for readers of all ages. John Parra’s memorable artwork brings the story to life alongside the carefully crafted text by Miranda Paul. From end paper to end paper, the world of books is seen and felt on every page. Detailed, emotive images showcase humans in many different environments, emphasizing that these Little Free Libraries can really be found anywhere. The amount of text on each page makes this book best suited for mid- to upper-elementary aged readers, especially those reading with a parent or caregiver. After reading this book, readers of all ages will be inspired to seek out a Little Free Library in their neighborhood or even build one for themselves.
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