Book Review: Where Do Speedboats Sleep at Night?


Where Do Speedboats Sleep at Night?
By: Brianna Caplan Sayres
Illustrated by: Christian Slade
Reviewed by: Suzanna E. Henshon

What happens to boats and other nautical vehicles when the sun sets? Where do speedboats sleep at night, and do they turn off their motors for bedtime reading? In this humorous and poetical story, young readers will follow in the adventures of little sailboats who catch a glimpse of Captain Teddybear, fireboats who use other’s spraying water for brushing their teeth, cruise boats who dream of ports they have not yet reached, ferryboats floating beneath the stars, and submarines that fall asleep to views of beautiful underwater caves. In this beautifully crafted nautical story, young readers will be lulled to sleep to the poetic voice of Brianna Sayres and the whimsical paintings of Christian Slade. In this particular volume, readers will learn more about the sea, nautical vehicles, and lyrical poetry, and they can continue their literary adventure in this exciting series. Readers of all ages will find this series enchanting and enjoyable to read, whether they are learning about steam trains, watching jet planes fly into the night, or celebrating Christmas with diggers.
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