Award of the Week: Indiana Early Literacy Firefly Award


The Indiana Early Literacy Firefly Award is an initiative of the Indiana Center for the Book. This state award, which named its first winner in 2015, is administered by the Indiana Early Literacy Firefly Committee made up of professionals in Indiana including teachers, librarians, caregivers, and project coordinators; all of whom are involved in early childhood development. Picture books serve an important role in the first years of the life of a child. The purpose of this award is to encourage parents, caregivers, and very young children to interact together with exceptional picture books. Below are the winners for each year since it began.





2019 Winner
9781524764562_p0_v1_s550x406 There’s a Monster in Your Book
By: Tom Fletcher
Illustrated by: Greg Abbott

Encourages the reader to shake, tilt, and wiggle the book to remove the little monster inside, but once it is out, another problem arises.
2018 Winner
9781596439672 Noisy Night
By: Mac Barnett
Illustrated by: Brian Bigg

A clever picture book about a multi-level apartment building’s occupants and their many nighttime noises.
2017 Winner
0763689963 Don’t Wake Up the Tiger
By: Britta Teckentrup

Tiger is fast asleep, but oh dear! She’s lying completely in the way. Just how will the animals get past without waking her up? It will be tricky for them all to get past without Tiger noticing! It’s a good job that the reader is there to help keep Tiger asleep, isn’t it? But where exactly are they going with all those big shiny balloons? Do you think it might be someone’s birthday? Can you guess who?
2016 Winner
9780544159037 Hooray for Hat!
By: Brian Won

Elephant wakes up in a grumpy mood, but a present on his doorstep–a hat–cheers him, and he sets out to greet his neighbors who all, it seems, need hats of their own.
2015 Winner
1492607630 Don’t Push the Button!
By: Bill Cotter

The only rule in Larry’s book is that the reader does not push the button, but when no one is looking, it may be irresistible.


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