Book Review: Lola Goes to School


Lola Goes to School
By: Anna McQuinn
Reviewed by Mary Lanni

The first day of school is an exciting and intimidating one, but it is a rite of passage most experience on their way to becoming independent children. Lola is preparing for her first day of school: she is selecting her outfit, packing her backpack, and imagining what her day there will be like. Having met her teacher a month before, she has a good idea of what to expect, but the actual day may require some adjustment. On the morning of her first day, Lola eats breakfast, her mom fixes her hair, and off they go! Lola finds a familiar friend, and they pass the day together after their parents depart. Before they know it, it comes time to go home after a fun day of exploration and learning. Fans of the Lola series will love growing up with her as they begin to make the transition to school themselves. The iconic illustrative style of the series connects this book to the others in a familiar fashion. Likewise, the text mirrors the simple structure of others in the series, but it also provides some open-ended moments for readers to consider their own feelings as they read. Large, full-color pages combine beautifully with the text, giving readers both a visual and auditory treat as they turn the pages. Children, especially those familiar with the Montessori methodology, will easily recognize themselves and their experiences within the pages of this book. This story is the ideal addition to bookshelves showcasing others in the Lola series.

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