Thematic Reading List : Numbers and Counting


Numbers and counting form the foundation of future success in math, an important STEM component. Young children who learn these formative concepts can more easily understand the world around them and how numbers interact with one another. These books are selected to be both entertaining and informative to readers ages 0-6 and their caregivers. Their high color imagery and interactive pages make these books enjoyable to explore independently or together.
Contributed by: Mary Lanni

9780764165009 1-2-3: A Touch And Trace Counting Book
By: Estelle Corke

A split-page book with numbers on the left and corresponding words and pictures on the right. Numbers are slightly raised to encourage tracing.
animal-numbers-9781481469371_lg Animal Numbers
By: Thomas Flintham

Count the animals from one to ten!
Print Carry and Learn Numbers
By: Sarah Ward

Book has a die-cut handle and cardboard tabs in animal shapes on the side.
1553375408 City 1-2-3
By: Zoran Milich

Introduces young readers to the numbers one through ten by counting familiar city objects, including skyscrapers, taxis, and a subway car.
BlockBookBranding Countablock
By: Christopher Franceschelli
Illustrated by: Harry N. Abrams

Teaches the numbers from one to one hundred by showing how a certain number of objects can become something else, from one acorn growing into an oak tree to one hundred puzzle pieces becoming one large puzzle.
9780375844935 Counting
By: Chuck Murphy

Pull-out pictures reveal one or more objects including the numbers 1,2,3, two puppets, three teddy bears, and so on up to ten blocks. On board pages.
9781626720039 Edible Numbers
By: Jennifer Vogel Bass

A colorful and delicious counting book featuring an array of familiar and unfamiliar fruits and vegetables.
9780399186417 Found Dogs
By: Erica Sirotich

Counts up to ten dogs who are waiting in a shelter, then counts back down to one as each dog is adopted.
9781554700325 Numbers
By: Gymboree

Presents numbers from one to ten in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish, along with pictures of ever-increasing animals and plants, from one frog to ten bees. On board pages.
9781452117249 Numbers
By: Xavier Deneux

This book teaches the numbers from one to ten using simple raised die-cut shapes on a left-hand page mirrored in the scooped-out forms of the right.
9781921049613 Numbers
By: Mary Novick
Illustrated by: Jenny Hale

Introduces the numbers one to twenty, with flaps for each number that can be lifted to reveal the correct number of objects or animals under the flap, from one rocking horse and two ducks to twenty shoes.
0764168096 Numbers
By: Anton Poitier

This book is a fun way for young children to learn to count from 1 to 10. Each page has a twisty picture to turn and match to the number.


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