PURE GRIT — Strong Women in Historical Fiction


Let me start off my saying that yes I know it is the holidays and I should be sharing a holiday themed list with you. Truth be told I didn’t do one and for me to try to put one together now would be a futile effort as most of your students are out for the holidays. Besides, “holidays” is such a broad term it would be impossible for me to fairly represent every holiday so I did not even try. That’s the kind of perfectionist I am. If I know I can’t do something perfect then I don’t bother with it. I could stretch the holiday theme thing by saying that a certain holiday is all about a strong women and her baby boy. This list is a testament to all strong women (and I think we all are). It is inspired by the first book on the list, Pure Grit, a story of WWII nurses. You will notice that there are no Katnisses or Beatrices in this list. I focused on women in historical fiction and the majority of the books are from war periods when our character is truly tested. I have put a star next to all the titles I have read and whose value I can personally attest to. Please take some time this vacation and read one of the following titles or suggest one to a student, your daughter, your son, your husband, your wife, your mailman. They are all great stories!

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